8 December 2017

Wedding Congratulations

Hi Everyone,

Anita back here on the blog with you today.

I can't believe we nearly half way through December already.  CRAZY!!!!!!

For my post for your today I thought I would share with you a card I made for my younger brothers wedding.  Looking at it you would not know it was a wedding card, and I guess it could be used for any occasion.

The real reason I am sharing this with you is because I have found another technique that can be used with your GoPress and Foil machine.

You will have to follow through my tutorial to see exactly what it is but if you love your shabby chic card making or scrapbooking you will love what I have found for you.

So come on this journey today with me and check it out.

Okay, so to start I chose a very pale piece of pink cardstock and it cut it down to 6"x12" to make a square 6x6" card base.
Next I took some of the gorgeous Damask Gold Mirror Board and cut it down to 5 7/8" x 5 7/8" and adhered it to the card base.

Using the Damask Gold mirror board cut out two of the Nostalgic Narelle die from the Ornamental Lace collection of dies.

I attached the two die cuts along the top and bottom of the card base just along the straight edge.

OKAY...... now on to what I've found out!!!!!!!

So many of us have played with embossing or texture paste into silicone molds.
These molds are the same ones that cake decorators use with the fondant icing.

 I applied the embossing paste in to my chosen mold.  I love using the embossing paste because I tend to find that it dries quicker than the texture paste and remains a little more malleable.

I left it overnight to dry so that it came out of the mold cleanly.  If you try and take it out too early it will break and/or stick to the mold. PLUS be very careful taking it out particularly 
the more detailed ones.

 So this is just how pretty the mold it when you remove it from the silicone. 

So, I had been playing with my GoPress and Foil Machine and thought that we can pretty much foil most things so I thought, what about these gorgeous molded embellishments. The one I used is not thicker than a piece of normal chipboard so it had to work.... right??

I played and played and finally I got the result I was after.

So, as per normal heat up your machine.  
Place your chosen foil coloured side down towards the black heat pad, dull silver side facing up.  
Next, place your mold facing down on to the dull silver of the foil.

Now, I always have protected my plastic plate at the top of my machine with a cardstock shim, but found if I used this with the mold embellishment it stuck to the cardstock.  I think this was because of the heat being transferred through the embossing paste and making it slightly sticky for a small period of time.

So the end result was I used a piece of a 'stuffed' non stick mat which I had mistakenly cut with a craft knife.  I cut the mat down in to several different sizes and now one stays with my 
GoPress and Foil Machine.

The most important thing to remember is that pretty much as soon as you put the foil, mold and craft mat down you need to run it through the die cutting machine.  If you keep it too long on the heat plate I found that when you run it through the die cutting machine it squishes flat.  

It's all about speed for this one. I let it cool on the mat prior to pulling it off so that it became a little harder again.

So this is final result.  I had made the picture big so you can see just how gorgeous it came out.
I used the Champagne Iridescent Foil for this one. 

The foil doesn't get down in to the nooks and crannies of the mold but that is the whole point.
We want it to look 'shabby chic'.

I just love it!!!

So I now know you all want to go out and try it..... but let me finish my tutorial first :)
Okay, so next I cut the molded piece in half, and then glued it on to a piece of the pink cardstock, matted again on some of the Damask Gold mirror board.

I mounted this piece across the centre of the card and added some matching flowers to the centre of the mold.  To finish I made a matching envelope and added a Simone's Style die cut across the bottom of the envelope, adding another couple of flowers.  This die was also from the Ornamental Lace collection of dies.

It was a quick card and I love the new technique I discovered whilst playing.... now I just want to keep playing more and more making pretty things.


Okie Dokie, so I hope you loved the new technique with the GoPress and Foil Machine.

It is amazing what you can do with the machine.  Just use your imagination.

Thank you for joining me on the blog today. Don't forget to check back
tomorrow for some more wonderful inspiration from the Design Team.

Keep Creating

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