29 October 2018

"Never Stop Dreaming" | Colour Blast

Welcome Back

For my share today I created a Dream Catcher canvas wall hanging.   I love having some of my creations hanging on my craftroom walls and since  need to use up my stash (to make room for more) I went for this canvas as my project base.

To start my project, using some plain white tissue paper and a really good gel medium I attached the tissue to the canvas base.
Once dry I did several coats of Heavy White Gesso to seal it and give it a great working surface.

I then chose an array of Colour Shimmer Sprays including Sunshine, Tangereen Dream, Apple of My Eye, Deep Water, Lovely Lilac and Envy and went crazy. As much as I liked the background there was too much colour and a little too much shimmer.  
To fix this I went back over the top of the colour with the Heavy White Gesso again so soften the background and I was happy with the end result. I forgot to take a second photo after the second coat.

 Next I got to add my favourite Colour Shimmer Dust in Lollipop and really hit with the water spray so that the colour got in to all the creases of the tissue paper.

I then worked on my embellishments.  I love the Celebr8 chipboard and adore the feather piece.  I firstly gave it a coating of Heavy White Gesso and then with a sponge and Colour Artist Ink in Slipper. I allowed each coating to dry but I just couldn't get the colour I wanted.... maybe I was too impatient to build it up.

So I quickened up the process and added some of the Colour Artist Ink in Slipper to some Heavy White Gesso and mixed it up in my pallet.  I made sure when I mixed it that it had a marbled effect so hopefully it would transfer like an ombre effect when it dried. 

I then mixed my Colour Artist Inks in Oasis and Mermaid together to make a more jade colour and then painted it on to some feather I made using a silicone mold.  They came up a great.

 Using the Colour Embossing Powder in Deep Water and Rose Petal and embossed a wood veneer wreath with a marbled effect. I then used the Deep Water Colour Embossing Powder again and heat embossed my title.

Using an array of Little Birdie Crafts flowers, a bit of bling and all the other embellishments that I altered using Colour Blast products I completed the canvas. 

Below are a full picture of my finish canvas and several closeups.

Thanks for stopping by. 
Until next time... happy crafting.

Anita E

11 October 2018

Shimmer Dust Card Backgrounds | Colour Blast

Welcome back Papercrafters

My share with you today stemmed from a bit of playing with the Colour Shimmer Dusts on aqua paper.  I actually love seeing what 'other' colour appears in the dust once the water hits it.  
I loved the outcome that much that I decided to turn them in to a couple of cards.

Not everything you create needs to be very involved, sometimes the creations we make can happen quickly and they can end up looking just as good as if you spent hours on it.

My first card I chose Violet Colour Shimmer Dust.  I sprinkled it over my aqua paper and then hit it with the water spray.  The more water I added the more colour came out.  
When the water hit the Colour Shimmer Dust for the first time you could already see some blues coming out.

I dried the paper off with my heat gun and around the edges of the purple in the middle there is a nice blue hue and you can also see it around the bottom right of the photo.

I mounted the aqua paper on to a matching mauve cardstock and then on to my card base.  I've been wanting to use one of my new 'favourite' die frames from Couture Creations.  It has really shown off the background due to it's openness. 

 I repeated the same process on a second smaller piece of aqua paper so that I could die cut a butterfly and some leaves to put on the front of the card.  I also sprinkled some of the Colour Shimmer Dust on a piece of gauze to colour it up. 

My second card I played with the Colour Shimmer Dust in Peacock.  I so love all the dusts but I think maybe this is my favourite. Check out the colours on the aqua paper. You will notice a little bit of lime green come through too.

I put it all together with some matching flowers to finish them off.  I decided not to put any sentiments on them as I will do that before I use them.... when I use them.

Check out the closeups and a full image of my 'Peacock' card. Enjoy!!

Thanks for stopping by.  Now get those products out and just have a play.... then see what you can make with your samples.

Take care.


1 October 2018

Live for Today | Colour Blast

Hi Everyone,  welcome back to my next blog post.
I had heaps of fun playing this week with colours that they say we should never put together... blue and green. 
I don't really understand this as together they look so fresh and happy.  You will see in a future post that I will be combining more 'odd' colours together.

Today's creation I went to town with many Colour Blast products using the White Heavy Gesso, Colour Artists Inks, Colour Embossing Powder  and at little bit of Colour Shimmer Dust.

Preparing the background for all those products is a necessity.  Of course our go to product is the White Heavy Gesso.  This really keeps your creation true in colour.

Next I grabbed one of my many 12x12" stencils that I had yet to use and went to town covering my entire background.  Because the white gesso is 'heavy' it worked beautifully through the stencil. I seriously don't know why I haven't used this stencil either before, it is beautiful.

 Next I poured by Colour Artist Ink in Lime and Oasis in to a couple of spray bottles and then sprayed it over my page.  I dried it with my heat gun and then, taking a baby wipe reactivated the ink to brighten the colour.  I did a light sprinkle of the Colour Shimmer Dust in Lush to add a slight shimmer in places.
By doing the baby wipe technique on the ink it also blended the colour better and really made it vibrant
Below are a couple of closeups of the background.

Next, I heat embossed some wood veneer leaves.  I only did them once lightly as I wanted the leaves to still have a little bit of a mottled finish. For my leaves I used the Colour Embossing Powder in Apple of My Eye.

 I then did the same for my title wood veneer using the Colour Embossing Powder in Envy doing two coats and then using Apple of My Eye sprinkled it lightly across the title to add a highlight.
I was lucky enough to have a stash of the Colour Shimmer Cubes before they disappeared and have used them to add some colour to my large white flower.
I added all the bits and pieces together and below is my finished page.  

Thanks for stopping by today.  

See you next time.