15 June 2017

Brisbane Scrapbook and Papercraft Expo Class Creations

Hi Everyone

Well I'm finally back to share with you the creations I made for the classes I taught at Brisbane's Scrapbook and Papercraft Expo.
I was privileged to be asked by Craft Giraffe to takes a class for them, and I loved every minute of it.  All the ladies in my classes were very welcoming as this was my first show teaching.

My creations showcased the 'Gatsby' colour collection from the new Ultimate Crafts THE RITZ Collection.  The other colour collections included 'Theatre' which was softer colours of creams with gold and 'Evening Cocktail' which was black and gold based.

My class consisted of a 1 page scrapbooking layout along with two cards that could be completed at home.

Celebration Card

 Best Wishes Card


1.     Cut you piece of white cardstock down to 11 ½” x 11 ½” or 29.3cm x 29.3cm.

2.     Taking you geometric stencil, using the Couture Creations embossing paste, add some texture to the left hand side of the page, but not right to the edge.

3.     Whilst the embossing paste is wet sprinkle with the gold embossing powder.  It is up to you, but I didn’t coat all of the embossing paste, and some areas were more heavily sprinkled with the powder than others.  Hold aside to allow it to start to dry.

4.     Let’s cut the papers:

Patterned Paper -
1. Spiral Fan – cut a horizontal line at 3” or 7.5cm (you will have 2 pieces of the same size)
2. Crashing Wave – 5” long x 4” wide or 12.7cm x 10.4cm
3. Damask Paper – 5” x 5” or 12.7cm x 12.7cm

Black Cardstock
1. For Spiral Fan – 12” wide x 3 1/8” long or 30cm x 7.7cm
2. For Crashing Wave – 5 1/8” x 4 1/8”or 13cm x 10.7cm
3. For Damask – 5 1/8” x 5 1/8” or 13cm x 13cm.
4. Cut a piece of black cardstock to use to mat your photo.

5.  Go back to your white cardstock.  Using a heat gun, heat set your embossing powder.  Don’t worry if the embossing paste bubbles a bit as this gives it even more texture. 

6.  Attach your white cardstock to your second piece of black cardstock.

7.  Attach all your patterned pieces of paper to the black card mats.

8.     Inside your kit you will find two black die cuts, the Art Deco columns die (curly) and the Art Deco Tag die.  There is also a piece of black cardstock that has a white backing.  This backing is double side tape.  Using your geometric die from your kit, die cut two of these on the black cardstock piece.

9.     Using the A5 piece of white card we are going to heat foil the Art Deco stamp on to the card with some matte gold foil.  Follow the instructions given by the tutor.

10. From your kit take the floral die cut that has the double sided tape (with the white paper on top).  Cut a piece of gold foil just big enough to cover the floral die cut.  Remove the white paper from the die and gold side facing up adhere the foil to the double sided tape.  Rub rub rub the foil with your fingers (gently) to coat the tape with the foil.  Pull off the foil to show the result.  If foil hasn’t taken in all areas, you can continue to add the foil back to the die until you are happy with the end result.

11. Take the large and three medium size flowers and tab lightly with some liquid glue.  Hold to the side until the glue has gotten ‘tacky’ but not dry.  Take a piece of ‘scrap’ foil and rub over the flower over the top of the tacky glue.  The foil will adhere to the glue. 


13. Remove the backing of the two die cuts that you did using the geometric die.  Adhere to the left side of the white cardstock approximately 1” in from the side.

14. Take your hot foil stamped image and fussy cut.

15. Take your foiled floral die cut, fussy cut hot foiled stamped image and your Art Deco tag die and cut each one in half.

16. Attach each half of the hot foiled stamped image on to each half of the Art Deco tag. Adhere to the back of your photo, to the top and bottom using some double sided tape. 

17. Adhere ½ of your floral foiled die cut to the Art Deco column (curly die) and attach both to the back of the left side of your photo.

18. Attach some 3D foam tape to the reverse of your photo.

19. Adhere the second half of the foiled floral die cut to the back bottom edge of the Crashing Waves patterned paper.

20. Next attach your matted patterned papers to the layout as per the above photo.  Personally with this layout I found it easier to attach the patterned papers to the back of the photo and then attach the entire stack to the white cardstock.

21. Using the packet of gold pearls adhere to both the left and right sides of the Spiral Fan patterned paper. 

22. Adhere your flowers to the layout, glue down the tassel and add some sequins of your choice to the page if you choose.


24. As this layout is designed to cover an array of different photos I did not choose a title for the page.  I will leave this up to you to add one should you choose. 


1.     Cut a piece of chosen patterned paper to cover your card front, attach with glue or double side tape.
2.     Attach both the blue Art Deco Columns dies to the card front.
3.     Cut a piece of the white card approximately ¾” or 2cm to cover the seam of the two dies that your adhered to your card front.
4.     Mount the white cardstock strip on some 3D foam dots or 3D foam tape and attach to your card.
5.     Fussy cut the Art Deco tag hot foiled stamp and then adhere to some black cardstock from your kit.  Fussy cut around the foiled stamp to make a black mat. Adhere to the white cardstock strip using 3D foam tape or dots.
6.     From your 6x6” paper pad fussy cut the ‘celebration’ sentiment from the gold foiled papers at the back of the pad.  Adhere to the centre of the Art Deco tag foiled stamp.


1.     Take the floral die cut with the doubled sided tape on the front and remove the paper.  Add some foil to the tape as you did in the layout.
2.     Adhere, off centre, to the back of the black floral die cut.
3.     Cut a 2” wide strip of chosen patterned paper and mat on some black cardstock. 
4.     From your 6x6” paper pad fussy cut the ‘best wishes’ tag from the gold foiled papers at the back of the pad. Add some 3D foam dots to the reverse.
5.     Taking the white card front we are now going to try another different technique using the GoPress and Foil machine.  We can foil using your existing dies.  This will put a nice fine detail on your card. Hot foil a geometric die to both the top and bottom of the card.
6.     Adhere your matted patterned paper to the centre in between the two foiled die images.
7.     Adhere the double floral die cuts to the left of the patterned papers.
8.     Add your sentiment next to the floral die cuts. 

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