6 November 2016


Hi Everyone,

I thought I would share with you today a layout I did for a scrapbooking class.  It uses dies from the Ooh La La collection from Couture Creations and then a range of laces and embellishments including a gorgeous butterfly black and white heart from Charms Creations, flair buttons from Funky Flair Studio and some wood veneers created by Corbett Creations.

1.     Take you piece of Kraft cardstock and paint some white and black swipes similar to the below photos.

2.     Dry off with your heat gun to speed the drying process along. 
REMEMBER if you add heat to the cardstock it may curl.

3.     Once dry take the stencil and using the Anna Griffin Embossing paste add some texture to your layout.  I put some in the top left, bottom right and small amount of the bottom left as in the photo.  Place it where you like it, and as much as you want. Set aside to dry or be gentle when drying it with your heat gun (keep it a good distance away).  

4.     Next cut out the Ooh La La dies.  You will need one of the Framed Floral Set (cut in half) and two of the Lavish Borders in BLACK and one of the Peacock Feather in WHITE. 

5.     Cover your white feather die cut in Versamark ink (or similar) and then sprinkle with the pink glitter embossing powder.  Set with your heat gun.

6.     Your Embossing Paste should be at least touch dry by now so take the white pearlised spray and lightly spritz your page.  If you like unscrew the top and add some droplets on the page. Again, if you like dry off with a heat gun. 
REMEMBER if you add heat to the cardstock it may curl.

7.     Take your white flowers and spray them with adhesive spray and sprinkle them with some pink glitter. Set aside to dry.

8.     Now we move on to the construction.  Take the piece of Paris inspired Ultimate Craft Quick Release Die Paper and tear along the left edge. Attach it to your layout with some double sided tape.

9.     Take the black burlap ribbon and cut it to be two pieces 2/3 and 1/3 of the piece.  Take the smaller white venise lace and the pink venise lace and attach all to the layout as shown.  (The white and pink lace will be opposite to what you see below as the pink lace is wider than the white)
Hold the small 1/3 piece of the black burlap ribbon for later.

10.   Next attach the heart paper doily to the right edge of the burlap and venise ribbons. 

11.   Take the wide white venise lace and attach with glue down the right hand side of the layout. 

12.   Attach 3D foam tape vertically down the back of your photo.

13.   Take the two halves of the Framed Floral die and attach to the bottom left and top right of the back of the photo on the edges of the 3D foam tape.

14.   Attach the 1/3 piece of the black burlap ribbon to the top underside of the photo. If necessary add some double sided tape over the ribbon so that when you attach the mounted photo to the layout it holds down strongly.

15.   Attach your mounted photo to the layout.

16.   Next add the two Lavish Borders die cuts to the layout to the top left side of the photo.  Adhere your black sequin bow to the right side of the die cuts slightly overlapping the left edge of the photo

17.   Glue the organza flower strip with the pearls to the bottom left edge of the photo and the feather to the right bottom side of the photo.
Add your large black flower, tassel, burlap flower, large white glittered flower and Charm’s Creation heart to the bottom left corner of the photo.
Add two of the small white glittered flowers to the centre curves of the Lavish Borders die cuts.

18.   Adhere the three Funky Flair Studio flairs to the page with 3D foam dots. Use the twine and twist throughout your layout stapling the twine as your go to hold it in place.

19.   attach the wood veneer shapes.  In the final picture taken here I did not have the diamond wood veneers, so just place them where you like (they were added to the actual layout shown at the actual class). 
I used the banner wood veneer to add my nieces name with a rotary stamp. 

20.   Finally add some black sequins to the layout.

Products Used
ULT200001 Ultimate Crafts Cardstock – Snow White
ULT200007 Ultimate Crafts Cardstock – Obsidian
ULT157630 Ooh La La - Paper Doily
ULT157563 Ooh La La - Lavish Borders Set
ULT157565 Ooh La La – Framed Floral Set
ULT157567 Ooh La La  - Peacock Feather
CO723022 Couture Creations 2 Way Glue Pen
CO723828 Couture Creations Non Stick Craft Mat
CO723816 Couture Creations Glue Dots
CO721985 Couture Creations 6mm double-sided tape
CO721964 Couture Creations 12mm Foam Mounting tape
CO723780 Couture Creations 3D foam dots
CO724870 Couture Creations & Anna Griffin Embossing Paste
ULT157149 Ultimate Crafts Quick Release Die Paper
Perfect Pearl Mist – Perfect Pearls
Kraft coloured Cardstock
Black and White Paint
Funky Flair Studio Flairs
Lace & Tassel
Charm’s Creations Butterfly Heart
Corbett Creations Wood Veneer

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  1. Great layout for a class, I'm sure everyone enjoyed themselves :)