25 May 2016

Our Scrapbooking Retreat: 20 May to 24 May 2016

Happy Wednesday Everyone,

I finally feel like I am back in the land of the living.  I do it every time my group of friends gets together for a scrapbooking/papercraft retreat.  I stay up for ridiculous amounts of hours without any sleep and then I get home and crash and burn.  Today though I can say I am back!!!

I thought I would share with you a few photos from our retreat.  It runs from Friday afternoon, and for those who wish to stay we stay until Monday morning.  We fully cater and clean up ourselves but we have the entire centre to ourselves for the entire weekend.

Here are a few photos of our shannigans.  We do a theme night on the Saturday and this time was Black and White with a splash of colour.  Some of us dress up and have heaps of fun.

Friday night shannigans - well, this was the wee hours of saturday morning when all the other girls had gone to bed.  We had a newly formed 'group' of ladies who called themselves U.L.P which stands for 'United By Photography'.  We decided to turn their area into a P.U.B.  Here we are creating havoc!!

This is the lovely Lesa one of our Scrap Retreats founders.  Lack of sleep on the friday night / saturday morning had her making concrete angels on the floor.  Please note, very little alcohol has been consumed :)

Saturday night has brought out our theme night of Black and White with a splash of colour.  Here are our main participants to dressing up :)

 Our Card Mafia girls as the Penguins from Madagascar

We even had Beetlejuice (aka Tanya Weier) with his wife Barbra (aka Lesa Bird)

 Some of the Craft Alliance girls - Lesa, Tracey, me and Ellie

 Mother Superior (that's Me) with Barbra (my sister-in-law Lesa)

 Our two mimes - Tracey Rohweder and Ellie Corbett

Our very own Zebra - Tracey Cooley - retreat founder

Such an amazing retreat. I even got to create some pages.  I also did a couple of cards, an OTP and a layout for the Couture Creations Design Team (you'll have to wait for that one :)  and of course there were a few unfinished as I couldn't pack the kitchen sink so the finishing touches will have to wait.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you got a little laugh from our dress up photos.

Ciao for now,

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