15 February 2016

The Little Things You Do - by Anita Enright

 Hi Everyone,

Welcome to February. 
Hands up who loves MAGNOLIA LANE???  We all do.  It is such a beautiful collection and I have heard so many lovely comments about it.  Sue Smyth definitely has created a winner of a collection.

Today I would love to share with you a layout I created for my very 1st teaching class.  Oh my was I nervous but it ended up being a class of 50 amazing ladies who made my 1st class a very enjoyable experience.  To them I say thank you.... maybe some will see my blog post too :)

I have used a wonderful mixture of papers, dies and the beautiful flowers and embellishments from the collection.

Preparation Instructions
 I do not have a full set of photos for the step by step instructions but the instructions are very detailed, and the closeup photos will help you create the finished layout.
1.     Ink your daubers up one with mid blue ink and one with pink and shade in your five flowers.   With one of flowers focus more on the blue than pink with your inks.
2.     Once your flowers are inked up take your mist/spritz and wet each of the flowers so that blue and pink ink start to soften and blend.  Squish petal together for when they dry and put aside. If you have a heat tool you can speed up the drying process by using it.
3.     Take one of the Magnolia Border papers and distress the edges.  Don’t worry if you tear the paper as it adds even more texture to your layout.
4.     Take your ‘Denim’ blue cardstock and measure in 2 1/2” from each side and make a square in the centre of the cardstock.  This will give you a 7”x7” square to use later.
5.     Lightly distress the blue frame then attach the distressed Magnolia Border paper to the blue frame.  Play with the edges of the patterned paper by rolling tearing etc. to show the blue cardstock.
6.     Spritz your layout mat with the pearlised spritz to give it a little shimmer. Set aside to dry.
7.     Cut from Timeless Garden paper reverse (use bottom section) - 9” wide x 5” long.
8.     Cut from Timeless Garden paper (use the front side with the clock face) – 8 ½” wide x 7” long.
9.     Cut from Floral Fancy (small flower side) – 3 different sizes - 9” wide x 6 ½” long, 6” wide x 1” long and 3” wide x 6” long.
10.   Cut from Magnolia Borders – cut and put aside lower portion of reverse side with the butterflies, you will fussy cut these for attaching to your layout.
11.   Cut from Magnolia Borders – 4 1/2” wide x 3 ½” long.
12.   Distress the edges of all the pieces of cut papers and ink in a matching shade of ink.
13.   Spritz with your pearls mist all pieces of paper and put to the side to dry.
14.   Cut from Poetical Labels – fussy cut the bottom left and right flowers, I left the leaves and blue background shading.  You will also need to fussy cut the large butterfly from the top frame.
15.   Mount the title card on some of the left over Magnolia Borders paper, slightly distress the edge of the mat and ink the edges in pink.
16.   From the left over 7”x7” piece of denim blue cardstock cut a piece slightly larger than your photo to use as a mat. Lightly distress the edges of the cardstock and if you like ink the edges.
17.   Add mounting tape to the reverse of your photo and mat on the denim blue photo mat. I then added more mounting tape to the reverse of the blue mat.
18.   From the strip of Magnolia Borders fussy cut out the 4 small butterflies.
19.   With your blender of water pen tab into your pink ink pad and then lightly shade the centres of each of the five butterflies.
20.   Take for four feather die cuts and ink the edges in blue.  If you choose you can add a little bit of glitter to each of the flowers (go gently if you do).
21.   Take the six pink die cut flowers and make two three layered flowers.  Depending how dimensional you want them use glue dots, tape or foam dots/squares. Scrunch the flowers a little in your fingers to give more dimension to them.
22.   We now have a base ready, so now it is  time to put all the finishing touches and embellishments to your layout - Construction time.
  • Starting with the Timeless Garden paper (reverse side), the wider but shorter piece, mount on to the back of the larger Floral Fancy slightly off centre and on a slight lean. Mount the larger Timeless Garden piece (clock face side) on top of the Floral fancy. Add the 1”x6” strip of Floral Fancy to the back of the bottom right of the Timeless Garden paper.  Add the 3”x6” Floral Fancy piece on top of the Timeless Garden to the left top side. Add the Magnolia Borders 3 ½” x 4 ½” piece over the Floral Fancy. Add your mounted photo on a slight angel.  Tuck in the title card under the mounted photo on an angle. Attach the layer of papers to the main layout mat. All my paper layers are a little haphazard which is what I liked with this many different patterned papers. It is up to you how you layer your pieces.
  • Take the two black border die cuts.  With the larger of the two tuck it under the bottom right of the photo mat and adhere in place.  The smaller of the two black border die cuts is used on an angle in the top left hand corner of the layout.  The top five tear drops should suffice but you can use more or less if you like.  
  • Attach two of the blue feathers over the top left corner.  Use foam dots/squares to the reverse of the feather to give more dimension. 
  • Take one of the black leaf die cuts and cut down to only two of the leaves and tuck this under the feathers in the top left corner. 
  • Add a foam dot/square to the reverse of the large butterfly and attach to the top of the feathers/leaves in the top left corner. 
  • Attach gauze to the bottom left side of the paper layers. Add your pink layer die cut flowers.  Add three of the magnolia flowers, using the mainly blue coloured one and two of the others.  Attach one of the fussy cut flowers and one of the leaf die cuts.  You will need to cut this down into the five individual leaves and attach under the flowers and gauze. 
  • On the bottom right layers the other two magnolia flowers, the last two blue feathers, the fussy cut flower and the last leaf.
  • Add a metal trinket to the lower right corner of the photo, poking out from under the flowers. 
  • Adhere the four small butterflies on the layout and WOOHOO you are finished.

Below are some close up photos of my finished layout.


Products Used

CO723286 Couture Creations Sponge Dauber

Thank you all so much for stopping by.  Don't forget to stalk your local scrapbooking store this gorgeous collection.  If they don't stock it ask them to get it for you... it is flying out the door everywhere.

Ciao for now
Anita E

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