24 May 2015

Hi Everyone,

My first post for May is for something that we all love. Desk calendars.  Yes, yes, I can hear you say "but it is May and not January". Does it really matter I ask? My answer is always no, because we all need and want one, and most of the time there is never one around when we need one.


1. Select your 12 x 12" base colour, I chose white.  
Cut lengthways into a 6 x 12" sheet.
2. Fold your 6 x 12" sheet in half lengthways.  
3. Obtain an off-cut from the leftover cardstock to attach inside
to hold the back to the front portions, to anchor it.
4. Take a matching spritz and lightly spray the 'A' frame card base,
then ink the edges with a matching ink and a sponge dauber.

5.Grab a selection of flowers.  I have raided the new Couture Creations white flowers and
spritzed them in colours to match with your base frame, I chose to leave some plain white.
Leave them to the side to dry.

6. Cut out two of the separate scrolls that comes in the Malvosie Corners Elegant Card Cuts set. I trimmed one down but kept the off-cuts to use on the calendar. Always, always, always use the Quick Release Die Paper as it makes it so much easier to release the cardstock/paper once cut through your machine. I can't live without this stuff.

7. Position the scrolls on the base where you think they look best for you.
I used the fantastic Turbo Glue pen to attach them to my base.

Now, did you know that Couture Creations also sells Calendar tabs.  Neither did I.
But I am so glad they do.  Think of all the gifts we can now make..... for mum's and dad's,
teachers, grandparents.  So so cool!!

8. So, grab your set of calendar tabs and mount it on to some scrap cardstock that matches
in with your colour scheme.  Find the right spot on your base, and then using the Couture Creations 6mm double sided tape adhere it to the coloured matt.  Take some of your large 3D foam
dots attach it to the clendar tab base.
9. Remember we trimmed down the one of the two scrolls we die cut and held the off-cuts aside? Well take the two off-cuts and place them around the foam mounted calendar.

10. To finish your calendar, it's time to grab your spritzed (and plain white) flowers
that you chose earlier.  Once again, using your Turbo Glue pen attach your flowers in clusters.
11. The finishing touches is taking your 2mm gemstones place them on the ends of your scrolls.
I added a couple of punched out butterflies and added a few gemstones.

Here are a couple more closeups of the finished calendar.

Products Used

CO724099 - Elegant Card Cuts Decorative Die -  Malvosie Corners
CO723623 - Sponge Dauber

CO723866 - 2015 Calendar Tabs
I hope you enjoy my project.
Thanks for dropping by.

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